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About Us

Taizhou Luqiao Topman Sanitary Co.,Ltd.

We are a professional faucet manufacturer.
Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and customers.
· For any inquiries and feedback from customers, we will respond patiently and meticulously.
· For any inquiry from customers, we will provide the most professional and reasonable quotation as quickly as possible.
· For any new products of customers, we will communicate with customers very professionally, listen to their opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure the best products.
· For any customer order, we will complete it on time, quality and quantity.

  • Taizhou Luqiao Topman Sanitary Co.,Ltd.
    We have our own brand and product design

    We have a strong R&D team,and we can provide our design or develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

    Our strength
  • High-end Series
  • Accessories Series
  • Customization

    We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

  • Service

    We focus on developing high-quality products for markets.We export to countries and regions like Europe,North America,Australia,Southeast Asia and so on,which contributes to 70% of the total sales.

  • Transport

    Located in Industrial Area,Shaoxing Binhai New City,Zhejiang Province,near the freeway exit of South Shaoxing Binhai New City.The transportation is really convenient.

  • Cost

    We are a manufacturer, So we can offer the price and products directly.

  • Efficient R&D team

    We have professional and efficient operation of the R&D team,able to use green technology to the field of cosmetic packaging and improve the research and development technology and quality.

  • Create excellent management team

    Need a high efficiency, rapid response team,and become your way in developing the capable assistant and relax the efficiency of the advantage resources integration,preferred customers what they need for the customer,make individuation market.

  • Mould design and development

    Here, have experienced, skilled model designers, through efficient communication, using advanced design software, can in the customer's idea of parameterized, modular, strive to finish in short time make of product from.

  • High equipment,Special process

    We own advanced production equipment,a number of automatic production lines,the excellent manufacture craft and rigorous testing process,Strictly control production process,Ensuring product quality and successfully achieve standardized production.

  • Quality control center

    Quality control center do zero failure detection for each product,it effectively avoid defects such as leakage,circlip.Set up effective CCP system including identification,monitoring and improvement,to ensure product quality achieve level.

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