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Buying a Lead Free Tap For Your Kitchen

Stainless steel tapware is the safest choice for your kitchen because it’s non-toxic and will not leach lead into your water.
If you’re looking to replace your existing brass kitchen mixer tap, it’s worth checking whether it’s lead free or not before committing to the purchase. Recent studies conducted by environmental scientists at Macquarie University have shown that tapware and plumbing fittings are the leading contributors of lead in Australian homes, and the problem is more widespread than people realise.
The good news is that over the past decade, the amount of lead in faucets has been reduced to nearly immeasurable amounts thanks to advancements in materials and manufacturing processes. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in lead poisoning and an improvement in the health of children.
In fact, lead is so widely recognized as a threat to public health that it’s being eliminated from products that put it into the air, such as leaded gasoline and lead-based paints. However, older pipes and fixtures still contribute to trace amounts of lead in drinking water, so it’s crucial to know where your home’s water lines are located and how to identify them.
To protect your family’s health and help prevent lead poisoning, consider purchasing a lead free tap for your kitchen and install a whole house filter or reverse osmosis system to remove any other contaminants your water may contain. For the best protection, flush your home’s pipes every two to three minutes before you drink or cook with your water.

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