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What are the classifications of basin faucets

Basin faucets can be divided into single-handle single-hole faucet, double-handle double-hole faucet, single-handle double-hole faucet, and double-handle single-hole faucet according to the style of the faucet. The supply is divided into single cold water faucet, hot and cold water faucet; according to the installation method, it is divided into sitting faucet, wall-mounted faucet, and pull-out faucet.
Sitting Basin Faucet
A conventional faucet connected to the basin hole and connected to the basin. This is the most common faucet installation method at present, and most families choose this type of basin faucet.
Wall Mounted Basin Faucet
The faucet extends from the wall opposite the basin, the water pipe is buried in the wall. This installation method breaks the traditional concept and is now a more popular basin faucet.
Pull-out Basin Faucet
On the traditional basin faucet design, a pull-out telescopic function is added. This creative design brings a variety of cleaning experiences, making it easier and faster to wash your hair.
Size and height In order to match the form of the basin, pay attention to the height of the faucet when selecting the faucet, and try to keep the water outlet of the faucet about 15 cm higher than the height of the basin. Color matching At present, the faucets on the market are stainless steel and chrome-plated, which are generally simple style. There are also some brightly colored faucets, such as bronze ones, which are generally Chinese-style. The golden faucet is matched with European style. The extravagance of the whole decoration.
Material grade The material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is made of cast copper as a whole, and the sound is dull when tapped. If the sound is brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be a notch worse. Shapes The handles and spouts of the faucet come in a variety of shapes, most of which are streamlined, with a variety of straight or curvilinear faucet shapes to complement minimalist décor. If you choose a wall-mounted faucet, you must pay attention to Wholesale Copper Single Cold Water Faucets Manufacturer the thickness of the bathroom wall before the faucet is embedded.

Although the chrome plating of the basin faucet claims to be resistant to corrosion and rust, incorrect cleaning methods can still cause abnormal wear and tear of the basin faucet.
1. Do not wipe the surface of the basin faucet with hard objects such as steel balls, because the steel ball is very hard and it is easy to scratch the surface of the basin faucet.
2. Use neutral detergent for cleaning. Strong acid-base detergent is not suitable for basin faucet cleaning.
3. After the basin faucet is cleaned, the remaining water on the surface should be wiped off with a dry lint-free towel to avoid residual water stains.
Easy cleaning tips for basin faucets.
1. If it is a copper basin faucet, if you want to clean the electroplating surface, you can use boiling water and detergent to scrub, or you can directly use some degreasing and decontamination detergent for cleaning.
2. For scale and rust on the basin faucet, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in a little special detergent, and then dry it with a clean rag or rinse it with water.
3. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in toothpaste or wipe gently with a scouring pad dipped in toothpaste to remove scale and oil stains and make the surface of the basin faucet clean and bright.
4. Many people only pay attention to the surface of the basin faucet when cleaning the basin faucet, but in fact the interior of the basin faucet is more important. If the water flow from the basin faucet is reduced or the water is split, it may be caused by a clogged aerator. The bubbler can be removed, soaked in vinegar, cleaned of debris with a small brush or other tool, and then reinstalled.

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