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What are the solutions to different faucet leaks?

What are the 4 solutions for different faucet leaking solutions introduced by faucet manufacturers?
Different faucets leak in different ways, and it should be solved according to the situation of the faucet leaking. Now let's explain the solutions for different faucet leaks. How to repair the faucet | What to do if the faucet leaks.
1. What should I do if the faucet leaks? What should I do if the faucet leaks?
Prepare tools: screwdriver, penetrating oil, carp pliers or adjustable wrench and spacers to be replaced.
2 faucet leakage caused by faucet seal ring faucet leakage caused by faucet seal ring:
The faucet drips when it is turned off; it leaks when there is water flowing from the faucet. If you see water gushing out around the handle, your faucet is leaking. The first thing to do is to make sure the faucet's packing nut is tight, but be careful not to scratch the nut with pliers or a wrench.
3 The faucet valve seat leaks If the faucet still drips after changing the gasket, it may be a problem with the faucet valve seat. Damaged gaskets can cause the faucet seat to be worn away by Thermostatic Shower Faucets Factory the metal valve plug, or chemical deposits in the water can create a residue that prevents the gasket from fully pressing against the seat.
How to fix a broken faucet seat? Of course, you can replace the entire faucet. Another option is to just replace the faucet holder. Removing an old seat is very simple if you have the right tool - a so-called seat wrench. Insert the seat wrench into the seat and turn it counterclockwise. Once the old seat is removed, make sure that the new seat you purchase is identical to the original seat. If the seat cannot be removed, insert a seat sleeve that slides into place of the old seat and provides a seal. Two types of valve seat rollers or grinders to flatten worn valve seats again.
4 The O-ring of the faucet can also cause the faucet to leak. Kitchen faucets have one or more O-rings that keep water from gushing out around the spout. If the O-ring is worn, you will see water coming out of the bottom of the spout every time you turn on the faucet.
The following tools are required to replace the o-ring: adjustable wrench, hose fitting tape, replacement o-ring.
If the faucet leaks, don't rush to replace it with a new one. I will teach you a trick to fix the faucet without spending money.
The earliest living home faucets can become a little leaky after a long time. How can I twist the faucet by hand, it still leaks, and many netizens can't wait to buy a new faucet to replace it. In fact, if you encounter such a small loophole, don't rush to spend money to buy a new faucet. Today I will share with you a small trick, so that you can easily solve this loophole.
Use tweezers to remove the small top cap on the faucet. This looks simple, but it actually contains many widgets. The logo ring is above the faucet, and many people think it's just a decorative ring, not a small cap at all. We have to get it open with a pointy mouth. Opening it will reveal the screws hidden inside.
Use a screwdriver to pry the screws apart. After opening the product circle, he will see a screw hidden inside the product. We'll have to find a torx tube to remove the screws.
This is a hidden screw that holds the faucet handle in place. The faucet is a relatively fragile metal part, we should be a little careful when removing it. Try to avoid damage to the faucet again.
After removing the handle of the faucet, you will find that there is a reel in the middle, a screw rod on it, and a hex screw cap under it.
The small leakage of ordinary household faucets is because the screw of this hexagonal cap is a little loose

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