TPM-601 Kitchen Faucets Φ 35 CARTRIDGE Wholesale

TAIZHOU LUQIAO TOPMAN SANITARY CO.,LTD having been producing faucets and fittings since 2003. Located in LuQiao district TaiZhou City, Zhejiang province, is a professional China TPM-601 Kitchen Faucets Φ 35 CARTRIDGE Manufacturers and Wholesale TPM-601 Kitchen Faucets Φ 35 CARTRIDGE Factory. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we have our own testing laboratory and The most advanced and complete testing equipment can guarantee the quality of the products. As an OEM supplier, we export faucets mainly to Europen, Middle East,south America and other countries. Topman has passed CE certificate,We have been producing low lead faucets, including basin mixer, kitchen mixer and cold water tap since 2019.

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